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Exploring the Advantages of Recreational Storage Investments

In the dynamic landscape of today's investment opportunities, one real estate sector has stood out due to its potential for stable returns and long-term growth: recreational storage.

With the rise of outdoor lifestyles and the increasing popularity of recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats, investing in storage facilities for these assets presents a compelling proposition, particularly in the vibrant Sunbelt region; encompassing Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas.

Let's explore why this niche market holds promise in today's economy: 

Rising Demand, Limited Supply          

As more individuals embrace the freedom and adventure offered by RVs and boats, the demand for secure storage solutions is on the rise. However, the supply of storage facilities has struggled to keep pace, mainly due to zoning regulations and land availability. This imbalance between supply and demand creates an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the scarcity of storage options and command premium rental rates. 


Resilience in Economic Uncertainty

The demand for self-storage is driven by various life events and circumstances, making it non-cyclical in nature. Whether it's a family in transition, a business in need of additional space, or a student in search of temporary storage, the need for storage units remains steady regardless of economic conditions. This consistent demand provides a stable foundation for self-storage businesses. 

Sunbelt Appeal

The Sunbelt states, known for their warm climate and abundant recreational opportunities, are natural magnets for RV and boat enthusiasts. Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas attract millions of visitors and residents seeking outdoor adventures year-round. Investing in recreational storage facilities in these regions leverages the inherent appeal of location, tapping into a captive market of enthusiasts who require safe and convenient storage solutions for their vehicles.

Diversification and Portfolio Enhancement:

Including recreational storage investments in a diversified portfolio can enhance resilience and mitigate risk. Unlike traditional asset classes, the demand for storage facilities tends to have lower correlation with broader economic trends, offering a buffer against market volatility. By diversifying across different sectors and geographic regions, investors can strengthen their portfolios and achieve more consistent returns over time.

Long-Term Growth Potential: 

With lifestyle preferences shifting towards outdoor recreation and flexible travel, the demand for RVs and boats is expected to continue growing. Investing in recreational storage facilities positions investors to capitalize on this trend, benefiting from sustained demand and potential appreciation in property values over the long term.

Boat and RV storage facilities can be highly profitable for several reasons:


Large Storage Spaces: 

Boats and RVs require significant storage space, which translates to higher rental fees compared to smaller storage units like those used for household items.

Low Maintenance Costs: 

Compared to other types of real estate investments, boat and RV storage facilities typically have lower maintenance costs. There are usually fewer amenities required, and the upkeep mainly involves basic security measures and periodic maintenance of the storage areas.

Long-Term Contracts

Many boat and RV owners prefer long-term contracts for storage to secure a space for their vehicles over extended periods. This provides stability for storage facility owners and ensures a consistent income stream.

Investing in recreational storage facilities, particularly in Sunbelt states like Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas, offers a compelling opportunity for investors seeking stable returns and portfolio diversification. 

With rising demand, limited supply, and the enduring appeal of outdoor recreation, storage investments present a pathway to unlock the full potential of today's market environment. By recognizing the intrinsic value of secure storage solutions in supporting the recreational lifestyle, investors can position themselves for success in this flourishing sector.

Our most recent recreational storage investment opportunity is in Bonita Springs / Naples, FL!

Coastal has a $4MM equity position in this project with a 25% target IRR over a 3 year period.  This deal also has 6% Annual Income, which is paid out monthly.  

Blue Gate Boat and RV is a rock-solid brand that is continuing to expand throughout the country.  The minimum investment is $100K and the project will continue to fund through July Y24.



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