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Extensive Due Diligence

Coastal consults with and employs multiple firms accross the country that are trained specifically in due diligence for our private investment offerings.  They provide us thorough assessments for all of our sponsors and projects using some of (but not limited to) the following areas: 
o    Independent 3rd Party Research  
o    Financial Due Diligence and Modeling 
o    Stress Testing of Financial Models 
o    Background Checks of Sponsors and Developers 
o    Evaluating Demand Drivers 
o    Construction Management 
o    Individualized Legal Opinions 

Real Estate Sectors

Our primary focus in today’s market is on the following demand-driven asset classes in the Southeast region of the United States:  
o    Multi-family 
o    Self-Storage 
o    Build-For-Rent (BTR/SFBFR) 
o    Boat & RV Storage 
o    Last-Mile Industrial 
o    Essential Retail 
o    Gas Station 
o    Hospitality 
o    Distressed Assets 

o    Assisted Living

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Venture Capital and Growth Equity Sectors

Coastal Ventures, a subsidiary of Coastal, specializes in providing growth equity to early-mid stage private companies across various asset classes in some of the following emerging industries: 
o    Real Estate Development 
o    Manufacturing 
o    Software  
o    Technology 
o    Healthcare 
o    Data storage 
o    Oil & Gas (Energy and Renewables) 
o    Medical 
o    Construction 
o    Engineering 

Investment Advisory

Coastal has assembled advisors in the following areas to assist us in identifying the best-in-class opportunities and sponsors to partner with:  
o    Investment Analysts 
o    Certified Financial Planners 
o    Accountants 
o    International Tax Attorneys 
o    SEC & FINRA Compliance Attorneys 
o    National Real Estate Development Advisors 
o    1030 Exchange Advisory / Q0Z / DST
o    DST and EB-5 Advisory 

o    QSBS (1202) and 1045 Roll-over Strategies

o    Tax Consulting

o    Mergers & Acquisitions 

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Our mission is to provide successful people advice and access to institutional real estate and venture capital investment opportunities.


Our vision is to be the trusted compass for investors, illuminating new paths to financial success and becoming a prime authority in real estate and business investments.

About Coastal

Coastal is a distinguished private equity firm leveraging our expertise as hands-on investors ourselves. We are passionate about building wealth through strategic and well-informed investment opportunities.  


Transparency and trust are at the heart of our business values. We take pride in operating with openness and honesty, ensuring that our investors have a clear understanding of our processes, procedures and investment strategies.  At Coastal, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, and that extends to our seasoned advisory team. Comprised of highly educated and experienced professionals, we are fully equipped to ensure precision and alignment with our client’s unique investment objectives. 


Our mission is to provide successful people access to and advice about institutional real estate and venture capital investment opportunities.  We fulfill this mission by delivering personalized guidance that supports your investment objectives. 

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