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Coastal Investment Company, LLC, in partnership with Madison Capital Group, LLC, proudly announces the launch of their latest venture, Go Wash It.

WINTER PARK, FL, June 13, 2024 - Coastal Investment Company, LLC, in partnership with Madison Capital Group, LLC, proudly announces the launch of their latest venture, Go Wash It.

Spearheaded by Ryan Hanks, Founder and CEO of Madison Capital Group, Go Wash It aims to revolutionize the car wash industry by building and acquiring state-of-the-art car wash facilities across high-growth markets in the United States.

Go Wash It has strategically selected locations with favorable demographics and minimal competition, guided by the experienced leadership team's insights. These locations are primed to exceed the national performance average, setting a new standard in a highly fragmented industry.

The new brand stands out by integrating over 50 years of combined industry expertise with innovative technologies to streamline operations and enhance customer service. Go Wash It facilities feature advanced systems like license plate readers for quick service to subscription members, significantly reducing wait times and increasing throughput.

"Go Wash It is not just a car wash; it's the future of car care," stated Ryan Hanks. "Our technology-driven approach ensures a seamless customer experience while maintaining high operational standards. This is how we redefine what a car wash should be."

The company's technology also extends to proactive maintenance, with real-time monitoring of equipment and detergent levels to prevent downtime. This attention to detail ensures each Go Wash It location operates at peak efficiency and reliability.

With the car wash industry's growth projected to continue robustly, Go Wash It is positioned to lead the charge in innovation and sustainability. The brand is committed to environmental conservation, reducing water usage significantly compared to home car washing methods, which aligns with increasing consumer demand for professional and eco-friendly car washing services.

Greg Meerbaum, CEO of Coastal, is enthusiastic about the potential within the car wash industry, citing the impressive cash flows and steady revenue from top-performing facilities. "The high trading multiples of these assets are a significant part of their appeal," Meerbaum stated. He further emphasized the company's strategic plan: "We aim to capitalize on this opportunity by expanding our portfolio to include 150-250 car wash locations over the next five years."

As Go Wash It expands, it aims to capture significant market share in an industry ripe for disruption. The express exterior car wash model promises high profitability and efficient service, appealing to both consumers and investors.

For more information about Go Wash It and investment opportunities, contact:

Investor Relations, Coastal Investment Company

Phone: 1-888-411-2280


About Coastal Investment Company, LLC: Located in Winter Park, FL, Coastal Investment Company, LLC is a distinguished private equity firm. Their mission is to provide successful people with access to and advice about institutional real estate and venture capital investment opportunities.


About Madison Capital Group, LLC: Madison Capital Group, LLC specializes in real estate and private equity ventures. With a strategic approach to development and acquisition in high-growth markets across the US, MCG has built a reputation for delivering substantial value to investors through innovative and forward-thinking projects.


Media Contact: Carey Sobel, Chief Marketing Officer


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